Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm home in Bethel again for a few weeks now. It's nice to be home- I love Korea, but there was a LOT to get used to (spicy breakfast, getting my blond hair stared at, bowing instead of hugging). Regardless, I really like where I am now. I'm happy to have time with my friends, boyfriend, and family, but I am also really excited to move back to Seoul.

Today I am figuring out housing at Yonsei... I really hope Jan and I get into the international dorm! It's apparently always a really close community and a really fun way to meet people. That's what I need!

When we were in Seoul, I also visited the hagwan (English school) that I'll be substitute teaching at this fall. It's called Jes Island, and I adore it. My friend Damon let me teach a lesson to a group of fourth grade kids. It's amazing how diligent (and adorable) they are! I really love teaching- I'm so psyched that I have the opportunity to. Plus, subbing at Jes Island now will give me a great connection if I ever want to come back and teach full time in Seoul.

It is sad to see my friends leave, one by one, for their respective universities... especially because Jan and I don't fly back for another month. I'm hoping I can spend that time visiting everyone on weekends!

For now, I have to study for my Yonsei placement exam...

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