Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm home in Bethel again for a few weeks now. It's nice to be home- I love Korea, but there was a LOT to get used to (spicy breakfast, getting my blond hair stared at, bowing instead of hugging). Regardless, I really like where I am now. I'm happy to have time with my friends, boyfriend, and family, but I am also really excited to move back to Seoul.

Today I am figuring out housing at Yonsei... I really hope Jan and I get into the international dorm! It's apparently always a really close community and a really fun way to meet people. That's what I need!

When we were in Seoul, I also visited the hagwan (English school) that I'll be substitute teaching at this fall. It's called Jes Island, and I adore it. My friend Damon let me teach a lesson to a group of fourth grade kids. It's amazing how diligent (and adorable) they are! I really love teaching- I'm so psyched that I have the opportunity to. Plus, subbing at Jes Island now will give me a great connection if I ever want to come back and teach full time in Seoul.

It is sad to see my friends leave, one by one, for their respective universities... especially because Jan and I don't fly back for another month. I'm hoping I can spend that time visiting everyone on weekends!

For now, I have to study for my Yonsei placement exam...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hello, all...

I can't believe we've already been here for a week!

Since I last wrote, Jan and I have done many things...

We went out on the town in Jeju one night, going to various clubs and noraebangs (karaoke rooms!), and met some locals...

On Saturday, we went to a spa. Jan had done this before, but it was my first time, so when she told me I'd have to go naked, I was a little intimidated... But it was only awkward at first. After a while, I got over it and just relaxed... and it was SO worth it. It was a really relaxing experience-- I plan to make it a habit of going while I'm here.

Yesterday, we went shopping and I bought gifts for my family in Insa-dong. It was a bit touristy, so I saw a lot of white faces! Haha... we are a rarity here.

I am a little homesick, but I do love Korea. Now I just have to get a better handle on the language... Off to study!

<33 Maggie