Friday, September 28, 2007

My living arrangements...

Some pictures from my home!

My room... already messy... good thing I'm not sharing it with anyone!

Our kitchen. We don't have any pots or pans or anything... but it's nice to have, regardless. This morning, I turned on the stove and sort of held a croissant with cheese a few inches over it... Makeshift, but functional.

Chan's room- she sleeps a lot.

Jan's room... Her roommate has not been seen once since we moved in. Mysterious...

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wow... my first few days here at Yonsei have been very stressful, but everything seems to be falling into place now.

We arrived yesterday to the Yonsei campus to take our placement exam, which was way more challenging that I anticipated. I knew I wouldn't place into a high level of classes, but after the test, I'm positive I'll be in the beginner level. Learning informally has limited my knowledge of grammar, which the test focused heavily upon. Oh well; I suppose there's no harm in going back to basics and reviewing some things.

The worst part of the day was finding out that I couldn't live in the International dorm, let alone with Jan. There was a mix-up in papers, and I ended up being placed in the Muak dormitory. It's about a 20-minute walk up a mountain from my main class building. My roommate is a Malaysian girl named Chan, and luckily she speaks English and Korean.

I was really upset about the dorm situation at first, but it seems okay now. Chan and I have a suite, and my room there is bigger than my room in Bethel. We also have our own private kitchen and bathroom with a shower! So really, the only negatives are the long walk and the cafeteria (Muak only has Korean food, while the I-house has yummy American food like pancakes!!).

Still, I plan to just bring my stuff for the day every morning to Jan's dorm and hang out there most of the time. That's where I am now, and it's working out just fine!

I'll post pictures of my huge dorm, my Chan, and my new friends soon.