Monday, January 28, 2008

An E-mail I Sent to my Grandma

Just an excerpt from an e-mail I sent to my Grandma, but it pretty much sums up my life right now...

I'm living in a student apartment right now- I have my own big bedroom but share a bathroom, and the woman who owns the building cooks breakfast and dinner. On my floor, there are two Chinese boys, a Chinese girl, and soon my Mexican-American friend will move in. It's a fun group of people, so I get the benefits of hanging out with nice kids but also having my own space.
I'm taking all Korean language courses right now- it's 5 hours a day, broken up into different lessons. The first hour is an overview of the day's concept with an introduction to new vocab and grammar. The second hour is spent practicing this concept only in writing. The third is practicing just with speaking, the fourth with reading comprehension, and the fifth with listening. It's very tiring but I'm really learning quickly.
I'm also doing a "language exchange" with a boy on my dance team. This is basically just hanging out, but half the time we speak in Korean and half the time we speak in English. It's a really common thing among students here, and I'm having the best time with it. I really get along with my partner, so we hang out every day, sometimes for hours on end...!
Dancing is going really well too. On my school "street dance" team I practice hip-hop and techno dancing, and it's really tiring and competititive, but I love it, and I'm really getting in shape. I also take a hip-hop class at a gym nearby, and on the weekends I always go salsa dancing! I love salsa SO much- it makes me want to live in Latin America next!
Next week is the lunar new year holiday (Chinese New Year) and I am going to China with one of my classmates! She is a native Chinese and we are going to her hometown near Shanghai to celebrate. I'm SO excited! Also my boyfriend Nat is coming to visit at the end of March, and we are planning on going to Japan together over my spring break then. I love how easy it is to travel around Asia- I just need to work a lot of hours so to fund all my fun! But even working is really enjoyable for me :)
Basically, I just adore life here. I wish all of my family and friends could come visit and experience it with me! But for now, I guess emails will have to do :)


Paul Pincus said...

loved this.

terrific weblog! cheers, -paul ; )

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love this